We have been working for the Secret Betting Club for several years now.  We have worked on several projects in that time and carry out monthly work to maintain and improve the website.

Original Job

The first ever job we carried out for SBC was to revamp their sales landing page and make the content easy to change and update. We worked in this project with our design partners North & South Digital. As usual they provided the visuals according the design brief received and we made the magic happen.

The call to action for this page was an email capture form that would enable the customer to gain access to a free download. This would be achieved by creating a single page broken into sub sections.

The existing page was a single gym file which was cumbersome for the owner to update and add new content. To alleviate this we combined this page into their WordPress installation. This sounds simpler than it was, this was due to the fact their existing system had two different WordPress installations. In order to simplify things for future maintenance we combined the installations into one.

We also took over the hosting of this website shortly after the website went live as the existing host was providing a below par service. We managed the migration of the site from old to new servers.

Second Job

After a successful first job we were asked to overhaul the entire SBC system.  This comprised of a WordPress, amember and a phpBB installations. All needed upgrading to new versions with amember requiring a major upgrade to a brand new version.

Along with this we created a brand new look and feel to the website again with North & South based on the new landing page we created for the client originally.  We then converted this new design into a WordPress and phpBB theme to create a unified UI experience.

Third Job

After the new site went live we were asked if we could make the amember membership system accept payments from Nochex and Skrill (formerly Moneybookers).

On going work

As part of our ongoing work with SBC we make sure all their systems are kept up to date and working correctly and constantly tweak the website to keep improving the site for the best possible user experience. We are also in the process of making the various systems mobile friendly.

Secret Betting Club

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